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Download RockTheVote Custom 1.8

- - - - -

This plugin allows the players on your server to vote for a mapvoting.
The players can say in the chat "/rockthevote", "rockthevote" or "rtv" to vote for the vote.
The maps will be automaticle loaded from the maps.ini (if it exists) or from the mapcyclefile.

1. Download the rockthevote_custom.sma and compile it on your local machine.
2. Put the rockthevote_custom.amxx in your plugins folder.
3. Add at the end from the plugins.ini this line: rockthevote_custom.amxx
4. Open your amxx.cfg (mod/addons/amxmodx/configs/) and add the cvar's.
5. Restart or change the map from your server.

amx_timevote number - Default 5 - After 5 MINUTES (Default) is rockthevote allowed.
amx_howmanypercentage float - Default 0.30 - When 30% of the players said rockthevote then comes the mapvote.
amx_howmanyvotes number - Default 8 - When 8 (default) players said rockthevote then comes the mapvote.
amx_rocktime time - Default 10 - After 10 (default) seconds the voting is over and the server change the map.
amx_directmapchange - Default 0 - The server will display a hudmessage and at the start of the new round the map will be changed.

Made by DA
Deagles - The main idea
arkshine - Some code
X-olent - Percentage idea
Cheap_Suit - Mapchooser code
AMXX Def Team - Some code from mapchooser

1. You have to compile it on your local machine. Because the webcompiler isn't updated.
2. I think it doesn't run on windows because the directory construction is other than linux. Test it, if it's not work pm me please.
3. This plugin doesn't run without admincmd.amxx.
- Added a function that the map will changed at the start of the new round

- Renamed the cvar "amx_howmanypercantage" to "amx_howmanypercentage"

- All players get a message if a player said rtv

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